Local Resources


The Lac Du Flambeau Chamber

This is the Lac Du Flambeau Chamber of Commerce page.  Here you'll  find information on the history of Lac Du Flambeau as well as local  businesses, attractions, services and more.


The Lac Du Flambeau Tribe

The Lac Du Flambeau Tribe page has the current news, business, departments, and government information all within a click.


Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council

The Great Lakes Inter – Tribal Council supports member tribes in  expanding self-determination efforts by providing services and  assistance with health care, education, and employment services.


George W. Brown Jr. Museum

The George W. Brown Jr. Museum offers exhibits of Ojibwe history and  culture.  More information about their services and location can be  found on the site.


The Northwoods NiiJii Enterprise Community, Inc.

Northwoods NiiJii Enterprise Community, Inc. is a partnership between  the Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, the Menominee  Indian Tribe of Wisconsin and the Sokaogon Chippewa Community of Mole  Lake, together with eight municipal partners in northern Wisconsin. They  help support Native entrepreneurs, improve educational opportunities,  assist with meeting basic needs such as water and housing, and work to  preserve Native culture.


Chippewa Housing Authority

The Chippewa Housing Authority is responsible for the assessment,  planning and development of programs to meet the housing needs of low  and moderate income residents of Chippewa County.  You will be able to  find contact information as well as how to information on applying for  permits and various licenses.


LDF Planning and Development Department

The Lac Du Flambeau Planning and Development Department coordinates,  develops, and networks the resources, services, and expertise necessary  to achieve the goals of the Lac Du Flambeau Tribe.  They assist the  local community with planning, grant writing and research, business  counseling, tourism development, and much more.


LDF Economic Support

The Lac Du Flambeau Economic Support department administers state and  federal assistance to individuals and families that meet the  eligibility requirements.  Their contact information is listed as well.


LDF Family Resource Center

The Lac Du Flambeau Family Resource Center provides a wide range of  services and programs to the Lac Du Flambeau Community to ensure the  support and preservation of family life and well being on the  reservation.


LDF Land Management

The Lac Du Flambeau Land Management department provides a wide array  of real estate services to the Tribe and its members.  It also assists  with general responsibility information for Tribal and Allotted lands  within the boundaries of the Lac Du Flambeau Reservation.


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