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 Wisconsin Native Loan Fund (WINLF) is a certified Native CDFI serving the target market of Native American communities in Wisconsin. WINLF is a mission driven, community based revolving loan fund. Our mission is to increase the financial self- sufficiency of Wisconsin Native American communities.


WINLF strategic approach:  

  • Provide access to affordable capital
  • Provide financial education and asset-building services
  • Increase self-sufficiency and improve economic and social conditions


By providing affordable lending opportunities and development services on each Indian Reservation, WINLF is increasing the self-sufficiency in Tribal members across the state. America is the land of opportunity.  But the facts are that many would-be home owners in low-income communities lack access to financing.  WINLF levels the playing field by providing lending opportunities for housing and credit repair.  WINLF’s efforts foster sustainability by providing home ownership to families and in turn, providing safer neighborhoods, economic growth, and pride in our communities.


Loan products:  

  • home-improvement         Peterson family

  • down-payment assistance

  • debt consolidation

  • home purchase

  • consumer/emergency
  • micro business


These loan products are great resources for people to realize their dreams of clearing up debt and becoming homeowners. WINLF strives to be the affordable solution and antidote to the predatory lenders that pervade our Reservations. 



  • 396 loans closed on 9 Reservations
  • $2,407,849 in loan capital deployed to tribal members in Wisconsin

  • Increased financial skills in nearly 2,800 clients

  • Over 2,400 clients received free tax preparation and tax credit counseling


WINLF has the mission and the passion to elevate tribal members towards building capacity for individuals and families to help them become economically stronger and navigate through these tough economic times. The ultimate goal of Wisconsin Native Loan Fund is to retain money in the community and teach people to become more self- reliant and economically independent.       



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