Frequently Asked Questions


Wisconsin Native Loan Fund, Inc. offers a selection of financial development classes, one-on-one technical assistance, and revolving loan fund home products to improve economic social conditions and poverty stricken reservations such as Lac du Flambeau.  We do this by providing financial literacy on the Reservation and working closely with key Tribal members and entities. We also have programs to expose tribal members to credit counseling/credit repair, and promote good habits around money management and the use of credit. 


Who can use Wisconsin Native Loan Fund's services?

Wisconsin Native Loan Fund offers a variety of services related to credit counseling/credit repair, home lending products, financial literacy all in an effort to promote financial self sufficiency.   Most of the services are aimed at adults; however, some financial education is tailored for youth.  Wigamig services all Wisconsin Indian Reservations.

What do I need to do to access Wisconsin Native Loan Fund's services or loan products?

It is best to call Wisconsin Native Loan Fund, Inc. and talk with either Stacy Stone, Loan and Compliance Officer or Janice St. Germaine, Director of Lending and Operations.  You'll be asked to come to our office, complete a loan application, and talk with Stacy or Janice about how we can assist you. You can also download and print a loan application under the Lending tab. Complete the form and bring it to the office, mail it to the office at PO Box 580, Lac du Flambeau, WI  54538, or email your completed application and supporting documents to jeannie.felix@winlf.org or janice.stgermaine@winlf.org or you may call 715-588-1600 for assistance.

How much do services cost?

Wigamig is able to offer most services at no charge to customers. We do charge a one-time $50 loan application fee and a 2% loan origination fee to process a loan application.

Who can apply for loan products from Wisconsin Native Loan Fund?

Wisconsin Native Loan Fund's target market for loan products are enrolled tribal members of a Wisconsin Tribe living on or near the Indian Reservation.

What can I use loan proceeds for and how much can I get?

Loan funds are available for home improvement, down-payment assistance, debt consolidation, home purchase, micro business, and emergency purposes such as car repairs. Examples of eligible uses include buying a home or obtaining a construction loan through a bank, and Wisconsin Native Loan Fund may be able to provide the down-payment for the mortgage, home-improvement work on an existing structure or new appliances or furnace, and debt consolidation loans for credit repair.  Loans are available from $1000 - and up, depending on loan availability and collateral.

Do I have to have collateral to get a loan?

Yes. All loans must be secured with either a mortgage or your home. Wisconsin Native Loan Fund's staff will help identify what you have that can be used for collateral.

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